A revolutionary new treatment for your clients
Only 55 clients at €120 each
will pay for your machine and investment
The Futura Face machine gets booked at €120 per session. Here is what your projected earnings will look like at this price point:
50 Clients 100 Clients 150 Clients 200 Clients
Approx. Revenue For You:
€5-10,000 Per Month
Cost For Course Price & Machine:
€6,500 (+vat)

Beauty Training Included along with 2 year warranty on machine. 

Financing Options Available:

12 Month 36 Month 60 Month
€646.56 p/m
€135.91 p/m
Powerful lED light therapy that provides numerous age defying benefits + teeth whitening
A versatile and profitable machine for any salon or spa
What areas can be treated?

The Futura Face machine highlights different parts of the face through 8 different settings.

Full Face, Teeth, Eyes, Forehead, Nose, Cheeks

Clients start to see results after 3 sessions. We usually recommend 6 to 12 sessions depending on skin type.

What makes
the FUTURA FACE Machine so

Futura Face is safe, painless, effective, and easy to use.  It helps with super sensitive skin and no creams are needed.  

The light therapy kickstarts the body’s natural processes to accelerate repair & rejuvenation of the skin, making them feel better and look better.

Non-Invasive, No recovery time, No UV Rays, No burning, Clinically Proven.

Is it safe & proven?
YES! The science behind LED light treatment has been around for many years.
In the world of Aesthetics it's mainly used to increase collagen and repair tissue. Which in turn makes the skin look more youthful and healthy.
your projected earnings with the futura face machine:
50 Clients 100 Clients 150 Clients 200 Clients

NOTE: All Courses come with a designated Account Manager and each advanced course includes certification, ongoing support, and training from your designated account manager.


• Offsite training/online extra training
• Extra staff member Training: €669.00 (Depending on course)
• Certification Extra: €30.00 REDO

All courses need to be paid in advance of training .

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